The Week That Was: Training March 18-24

I think I mentioned last week that my work schedule was crazy, and that continued into this week. Running was a little touch and go, but I still got some quality runs and workouts in this week.

Let’s dive in

Monday 3/18 – Easy Run – This was more of a shakeout than anything after my long run and Half the two days prior. Still probably a little quicker than it should have been, but nothing felt too taxing about this run. Total Miles: 3.5

Tuesday 3/19 – Rest

Wednesday 3/20 – Track Workout – Ah, The Michigan. This is one of my favorite workouts and I knew my first speed work in a couple weeks needed to be a tough one. Paid the price for getting out a little quick on the first interval. The biggest takeaway was that the 6:35ish pace on the treadmill for the tempo miles felt super easy. Total Miles: 7

Thursday 3/21 – Rest

Friday 3/22 – Longish Run – After packet-pickup for the Shamrock Shuffle I made a stop at Waterfall Glen to get what passed as my long run this week. As has been the case, I took it a little faster than I should have. It was a beautiful day, but my fueling of water and combos wasn’t exactly conductive to a great feeling run. Total Miles: 9.4

Saturday 3/23 – Easy Run and Mile – Saturday brought two runs. I still wanted to get some miles in with a double race weekend coming up. So it was off to The Arb for one figure 8 with Noel before I was on my way to the city.

This was the literal best

A Mile on an admittedly tough course (for a Mile) after running 7.5 isn’t quite the recipe for success. I figured I’d run somewhere between the 5:15 I did at Humboldt and the 5:45 in Naperville last year. Coming in at 5:34, I was pretty close. Total Miles: 8.5

Sunday 3/24 – Race – The Shamrock Shuffle. Having not gotten to run the MCTU last week, I knew I’d take this as my opportunity to PR the 8k. I’ll have a full recap later this week, but overall it went really well. A PR with everything this week has brought is never a bad thing. Total Miles: 4.97

Total Weekly Miles: 33.3

My benchmark for weekly training is over 30. Without a real long run, I was happy to get up there. Plus, with a solid Wednesday workout and the Shuffle, I got my legs moving with some speed as well.

This coming week and the week after should be high mileage for the Illinois Marathon. Gotta get that 20 one of these times.

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