The Month That Was: March Recap

Instead of doing a standard “Week That Was” post this Monday, I’m looping it into a Month That Was post, since both happen on the same day.

Plus, y’all don’t want to read multiple posts about my last week of training.

All in all, March went extremely well. I notched my two highest mileage weeks of Illinois Marathon training, my highest mileage month since the September before Chicago, and ran some solid races.

As I’ve done in the past for my monthly recaps, we’ll break this one down by calendar weeks. Let’s get to it!

March 1-3 – The first weekend of March decidedly did not get off to a great start. As many of you know, I rarely run on Friday (although I did a few times this month), so March 1 was a rest day. On Saturday, we had our pacer meeting for the Milwaukee Marathon, and I tackled some hills the day after.

Either because of no warmup/cooldown for hills, or because of moving a fridge, my left hip/glute felt terrible on Sunday, which shelved my planned long run.

March 4-10 – Monday and Tuesday this week were additional rest days from running to make sure I was fine. On Tuesday I hopped over to the chiropractor to get fixed, and as always felt great after.

I got back to it on Wednesday with some miles at the Arb, and then a city run on the lakefront with Amanda on Thursday. These were some great miles that felt fantastic after a couple extra days off.

Friday and Saturday miles were treadmill miles dedicated for the MS Run the US event at Anytime Fitness back in WI. Early morning treadmill miles weren’t thrilling, but I did set a PR for treadmill miles on Saturday morning with what ended up being my second longest run of the training cycle.

March 11-17 – The second full week of March was an exercise is adjustment. Notched two short runs on Monday and Tuesday, revisiting the Fox River Trail and then some prairie trails on Tuesday. But I was gearing up for the Music City Trail Ultra…until I wasn’t. If you’ve followed the blog, you know that deal.

Instead, I adjusted, getting a sixish mile run on Thursday at the Springbrook Prairie (which I’ve always wanted to run). The trails were great, but the 60mph wind gusts were decidedly not great.

thumbnail_image1 (7)

In lieu of Nashville, Saturday became another long run day, where I notched what was easily the best 15 miler of the cycle. Or at least, what felt like the easiest. And when it’s followed by friends, coffee, and…shots(???) it’s a good day! Then, on a whim, I rolled out to run the St Paddy’s Day Half in Bolingbrook the next morning. It went much better than I anticipated, and much better than my previous go at a Half at the Pettit.

March 18-24 – With another chiro appointment on Tuesday, I moved my first run of the week to Monday, and got a nice short shakeout run after the long weekend of running. From there, training was a little touch and go with the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday.

My pre-race go-to workout has definitely become The Michigan, and I returned to that strategy on Wednesday. Might have (read: definitely did) hammered the first interval, but overall felt good in this one. Then on Friday, I wandered over to Waterfall Glen to get a longish run two days in advance of the Shuffle.


Saturday featured a short run at The Arb, followed by The Mile at the Shuffle. Also, met Deena Kastor, Alexi Pappas, and Carrie Tollefson there (not sorry for oversharing this picture). And Sunday wrapped the week with an 8k PR at the Shamrock Shuffle. Lower mileage week, but a very productive one.

March 25-31 – The last week in March was easily my most productive, and back to consistency I’ve been lacking a little. Got out for some Wave Tempo miles on Tuesday, which were tough, but much easier if I run them Tuesday as opposed to Thursday. On Wednesday, I finally made a return to Busse Woods, which I haven’t run since the middle of winter.

Thursday featured a track workout of continuous 200s. My leg speed is trash, so these are definitely important for me; although they’re also brutal. After a typical off-Friday, it was back to The Arb for my first, and likely only, 20 miler of the cycle. It. Felt. Great. I had good company with Peter for the first 15, then I refueled with water and a gel, and was able to knock the pace down fairly significantly for the last 5. Legs felt good, and for my first 20 mile run since NYC, I was wildly happy.

And finally on Sunday, I got back out to the Danada Preserve to get some easy miles on another set of trails I haven’t seen since before winter rolled in. It was a great cap to both a great week, and great month, of training.

Total Miles: 157

So what’s next? This will be another touch and go week in terms of training during the week. I’ll have a workout somewhere, but I’m unsure of if it’ll be a Tuesday or Wednesday run (probably Wednesday though).

This Saturday is the Milwaukee Marathon, where I’ll be pacing the 1:50 group in the Half. Then it’ll (kind of) be taper mode for the Illinois Marathon. I’ll likely continue to work on speed and MP going into it, but probably won’t run any huge mileage days in this last countdown.

How’s your training going? What races do you have coming up?

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