The Week That Was: Training April 1-7

We’re closing in on the Illinois Marathon!

Technically, since I did my longest run a week ago, I suppose I’m in taper mode? Nah. There’s still work to be done.

This week I tried balance not going bananas on workouts like last week (because of pacing duties on Saturday) but also not taking it too easy. I feel like this week was more or less a success in that exercise.

Monday 4/1 – Rest

Tuesday 4/2 – Easy Run – New podcasts, 50 degrees, and (another) controlled burn. This was a good easy run, at an actual easy pace, that saw the weather go from high 50s and sun to high 40s and rain. Typical spring. Total Miles: 7.25

Wednesday 4/3 – Easy Run – Hit the trails on Wednesday for the first time in a long time. Legs were a little pooped after the Arb and a heavy lifting session on Tuesday. Turned in a little earlier than planned because I saw no need to go overboard. Total Miles: 5.7

Thursday 4/4 – Easy Run – Who knew running from St Charles to Geneva and back wouldn’t quite yield 4 miles? Retraced some steps from the Fall 20 on this one. The miles clicked by super quick, but this one felt both easy and challenging…if that makes sense. Total Miles: 3.8

Friday 4/5 – Rest

Saturday 4/6 – Race/Pace Day – The Milwaukee Marathon returned in Spring 2019 after a gap year in 2018. I’ll have a full recap #OnTheBlog later this week. But in short, it was awesome. Emily and I stayed on our planned on pace (Ok, ok we were 1s per mile quicker) and the race flew by. Amazing day. Total Miles: 13.1

Sunday 4/7 – Speed/Tempo – During the week, almost everyone I knew running the IL Marathon had their key workout this week not go great. I joined that crowd on Sunday. Planned to escalate from 5k pace up to Marathon Pace in lengthening time limits. It didn’t quite go that way. The pro? Marathon Pace felt super easy. The con? The rest of the workout didn’t. Total Miles: 5.5

Total Miles: 35.3

All in all, another solid miles week with some solid work put in. This week I’ve got a couple more easy runs, a race, and a TBD workout (probably hills). Let’s get to it!

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