Summer Races and Plans

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In our team meeting today, we talked about our Summer Plans; which got me thinking that I should update you all on my summer plans regarding racing.

Spoiler: It’s a lot.

I’m counting summer as anything starting in May, so basically anything after the Illinois Marathon.

May 4 – Cinco De Miler

This will literally be my first run back from the Illinois Marathon after a planned week off. Cinco is a 5 miler that runs along the lake on the north side of the city. I can tell myself right now that I’m not going to race it, but I’m sure I’ll run it a little harder than I should.

Oh, and the code BIBCINCO gets you $5 off entry, if you decide to come race in 10 days!!

May 11 – RedBull 400

Oh boy. Yes, this is only a 400m run, but it’s up a ski jump. Aka: 400m of pain. I’m not quite sure what to expect from this one. I mean, how do you prepare for a 35% incline? This will also be my first of two adventures to the UP this summer.

June 2 – Run For the Zoo

Back for more of this

Back for more. This year, I’m just doing the 5k at Run For the Zoo, mostly because when I signed up I felt too lazy to hammer a 10k. This’ll be my second time running this race, and will end up being my second zoo race of the year as well.

And yes, I’ve got another code here! BIBRAVE will get you 10% off entry.

June 7-9 – Relay Iowa

I feel like no description for this is needed. Yes, I did buy a dinosaur suit for this race. It will be hot and it will be epic.


July 4 – Firecracker 4

Ok, this is the only one I listed here that I’m not signed up for. But I know I’ll be running it so I might as well list it. I suffered the consequences of going out in a 5:50 in 90 degree weather last year so I’m hoping this will go smoother.

July 6 – Country Possum Chase

Again I’ll be doubling the Firecracker and the Possum Chase. Based on the name, you probably wouldn’t expect there to be much competition at the Possum Chase. You would be wrong. Legit talent comes out for this one, and for $10 entry how could you not?

July 13 – Hotter N’ Hell 

This could arguably be the most challenging race I’ve got planned (ok, second most challenging). 18 miles, in Alabama, on trails, in July. Oh, and there’s 5,000+ feet of elevation gain. This one is going to be a killer.

August 17 – Marquette 50

Here is it, the big one. Getting sick derailed my 50 mile attempt last year which means this is the year. The Marquette 50 is a big event in the beautiful forests in the UP. It can get warm in August, sure, but it won’t be worse than Alabama in July. This one really journeys me into the unknown and I really don’t know what’ll happen out there.

So that’s what I have scheduled for this summer. Will I add more races to the calendar? I’m sure I will. I’m 99% sure I’ll sign up for a few more Wisconsin Trail Assail races, including one at (allegedly) the hardest course in the series.

Might I add another marathon there? I’ve thought about it, but it depends how Illinois goes next weekend.

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