Summer Plans: Redux

“No races, so far. I feel like you’re an easy get.”

Those are the words my chiropractor said to me after I told her I had no races between the Run for the Zoo and the Firecracker 4; almost a month of no racing.

“I feel like you lie to yourself a lot.”

Those are words said to me be another member of the wedding party where I was this past weekend.

And it’s true, if you know me and/or follow this blog, you know that I already did another race after Run for the Zoo…the weekend after. That was the Norsk 5 Mile, just two weeks ago. It wasn’t so much planned, as it was available. But still.

Naturally, I’ve gone ahead and signed up for a few more races in the meantime. So today seemed like a good time to revisit my summer racing schedule.

6/21 – Yorkville Summer Solstice 4 Mile – How’s that for a mouthful of a title? I was poking around races, as one does, and stumbled into this one. My first reaction was “Oh, you don’t see a 4 mile race too often.” Of course, that was without remembering I’ve already planned a 4 mile race in July. So this makes two of those.

But what I’m more excited about for this one is that it’s a Friday night race. As someone who never played any respectable level of football, this is as close to “Friday Night Lights” as I can get. But a 7pm race, on a Friday, as part of an Indie Music Festival? Yes please.

6/23 – Quarry Crusher (Double) – If you’re looking at the date. Yes, this is the Sunday after the Summer Solstice run. And yes, I’ll have a long run sandwiched inbetween there. Most of you don’t know this, but growing up, we lived right down the road from a quarry, so the opportunity to race one is definitely intriguing to me.

The concept of this race is simple (from what I’ve gathered). Run down the quarry, and then back up. Since I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m doing the double, so I’ll do it twice. Sounds like the distance is anywhere between 5-7 miles, with steep climbs. Basically, I expect pain.

7/4 – Firecracker 4 – This brings us back to the Firecracker 4. Last year, this race decidedly didn’t go well. Got out too fast (Me? Not pace well? Shocker.) and my last mile was over a minute slower than my first. I’m also hoping it won’t be 90 degrees for this again.

Race day attire for the 4th? Maybe.

So obviously a chance at redemption gets me excited for this one. But also this is a big one for our race team, and it’ll be exciting to see everyone again in one place. The one thing better than racing is racing with friends.

7/6 – Country Possum Chase – Another weekend with two races in three days? You bet. You may remember that I stumbled into discovering this gem of a race (it’s only $10 kids!!) last year. As tempted as I was to sign up to double the Mile and 10k, I’m just gonna hit the 10k.

Rumor has it, 2019 will be the last year of the Possum Chase, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go back for more. This is also a surprisingly competitive field in the 10k; you may remember from my race recap last year (and if you don’t, it’s linked above) I did sub 40, and couldn’t crack the top 5.

Top 10 finishers get pie. Gotta have it.

7/13 – Hotter N Hell 18 Mile – Oh, this one will be a treat. 18 miles of trails, in July, in Alabama, with over 5,000 feet of gain. This one will actually be a really good measuring stick of what my fitness level is as I ramp up for Marquette. Honestly, if I can run close to, if not a little faster, than the pace I ran at the Bunk House, I’ll be happy with this one.

I’m also aware I’m tackling this one after what will be an exhausting and busy week of training for work. So not exactly an ideal lead-up to race day. But that’s what training is for, right? Other than Marquette, this will probably be my toughest race of this summer…and fall?

7/14 – Hill on Earth – Full disclosure, I haven’t signed up for this one, and my Dad is convinced I won’t actually run it. Because running 18 in Alabama, driving back to WI, and running a 5k the morning is insane right? But on some level, that puts it right up my alley.

For my Wisconsin friends, this one is at Minooka Park. You know that beast of a hill? This goes up and down the hill for 3 miles. I’ll let a screen shot of the race morning schedule tell you all you need to know about this one.

8/3 – Watermelon Day Run – Yes, that’s a real name for a race. This bad boy it at Pike Lake State Park, and is a part of the Wisconsin Trail Series from Silver Circle Sports. I know you’ve all heard me talk about how tough the first race of the circuit (at Lapham Peak) is; and the word on the street is that Pike Lake is harder.

I really want to see if that’s true. Plus, two weeks out from Marquette, this is a nice distance (it’s a Half) to hit on some challenging trails before going into full blown taper mode (kind of). Because of that, I might race this one a little more conservative that I otherwise would; which is also good training for not going out too fast.

8/7 – Prowl the Peak I discovered this one last year, and have to come back again this year. A trail race at night? You bet. A trail race, at Lapham Peak, under the lights? Even better.

This is a tough one, because Lapham Peak, and it’s a good opportunity to get my ass kicked by some high school athletes (like at Yorkville this coming Friday). But much like Watermelon Day a few days prior, this will double as my last hard workout, and race experience before Marquette.

8/17 – Marquette 50 – The big one. 50 freaking miles. This one is really the great unknown. And I’ll just leave it at that; since I have no idea what will happen, or if I’ll want to ever run again afterwords. It’ll just be an adventure.

Image from iOS
Me after this summer…probably

Obviously, I’ve got stuff planned for the Fall season as well, but we can save that for a separate post.

Will I end up adding any races in here? I mean, it’s possible, but there isn’t necessarily a ton of room for that. So probably not. But to bring it back to the beginning of this post; I’m an easy get, and lie to myself a lot.

Will you be rolling out to any of these races? If so, let me know!!

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