Race Recap: Yorkville Summer Solstice Run

What do we say to going out too fast?


I don’t even know how I stumbled upon the Yorkville Summer Solstice run, but a Friday night race coupled with an Indie Music festival was too good to pass up. Plus, you don’t run into too many 4 mile races.

I also knew that this would be a good opportunity to work on not going out too fast. Having looked at the 2018 results, I saw that the winner went sub 20, in the 4 mile. Going out too fast would smash me.

Much like the Norsk Run, this was another very local race, with a majority of the field Yorkville residents, and high school athletes.

Ready to run. And the all important free beer chip

The race was a pretty straightforward out and back complete with all of two turns (one way). In the first mile, we got out on an immediate left, and virtually ran the distance on flat roads, with one minor downhill.

I felt pretty decent, and my only mental battle was really to ensure I didn’t wind up in the chase pack, which would’ve been a little quick. Came through the first mile in 6:22, which was about perfect.

The second mile featured a couple more rolling hills. Nothing too crazy, but enough to have to think about the uphill. We made our second turn into a neighborhood, and went up the biggest hill (still not bad) to the turn. Hairpin turns always give me (and I think everyone) problems; resulting in a 6:35 second mile. I did make a pass on two other runners in front of me coming up the hill.

As you might’ve guessed. If the second mile on an out and back course was tough, so was the third mile; since it was the same thing. Although, we did get the boost of coming down the hill after the turn. This mile was a little more eventful, as I could hear a couple guys in back of me, and did get passed back by one of them.

Getting passed in Mile 3 might’ve been a good thing. Dude wasn’t killing it, and for a little while, I let myself mentally check out and let his pace carry me to the third mile marker. Came through Mile 3 in a 6:26.

Remember when I mentioned that one brief downhill in Mile 1? Well, it was an up hill in Mile 4 and it gave me the biggest mental boost to see another runner ahead of me walking that hill. As a competitor, I obviously smelled blood, and used that adrenaline to fuel a pass (of the person who just passed me) to spur me into the finish.

As with any race, when you can see the turn to the end about a half mile off, it just seems like the longest yard. I was also hoping that other guy wouldn’t come back for me, because a sprint off to the finish did not sound appealing.


He didn’t, and I rolled into the finish with an official time of 25:43, good enough for a 4 Mile PR! More importantly, according to my watch I notched even splits for each half of the race. Boom house.

At the end of the day, I notched a 16th overall finish, with second in my age group. And that PR, which I’ll hopefully take down at the Firecracker in a couple weeks.

And now, for my gift to you, enjoy some of the fantastic music that I got to hear after the race.


2 comments on “Race Recap: Yorkville Summer Solstice Run”
  1. runeatralph says:

    Loved the opener to this post. 🙂

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    1. Ben says:

      I was hoping at least one person would appreciate it

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