All the shoes

Current Shoes:

Nike Vaporfly 4% – Ok, ok. I took the plunge. These are so wildly different than the Zoom Fly. Incredibly lightweight, and immensely responsive. If you read reviews about these, you’ll read that you sink into the shoes if you walk or run slow. That’s true. I’ve fallen into Pros and Cons with these shoes. In short races (5k and 10k) they feel so great. But get into the 10 Mile and Half range, and my feet aren’t happy. Plus with 70ish miles, the soles are already falling apart.

Under Armour Horizon RTT – I received these as part of being a BibRave Pro. And I love them!! These trail shoes don’t feel clunky like a lot of trail shoes do. The lugs on the bottom are a bit aggressive, but for the races and training runs I’ve put them through, that has been a good thing. I’ve actually acquired another pair that I haven’t broken out just yet.

Under Armour Horizon BPF – A lighter weight trail shoe, compared with the structure and ruggedness of the RTT. These definitely have a bit more speed (aka lightweight) than some other trail shoes. That being said, I’m not sure I’d take these on anything longer than a 25k.

Newton Kismet II – I had always wondered if I would like Newton shoes. When the opportunity came along to pick up a pair for $30, I couldn’t say no. I like them way more than I thought I would, although they don’t have a ton of miles (see what I wrote in Altra). But I like them, although I think the upper runs a bit loose. I suppose I could tighten the laces…

Altra Torin 3.0 – I decided to finally take a shot with Altra. And guess what? I love these shoes. They haven’t gotten too many miles on them yet, since April 2018 was a struggle bus for me. But super comfy, and the zero drop doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve really started to love these. Slowly but surely the Torin is starting to become my go to distance shoe.

Saucony Freedom – I got these on a great deal from JackRabbit. These shoes have effectively taken the place of the Kinvara’s in my rotation. Used primarily for track and fartlek workouts, these shoes haven’t disappointed me yet! I have every intention of wearing the Freedom for Chicago.

Pearl Izumi Road EM Road M3 v2 – I like these shoes so much more than I thought I would and I’m actually on my second pair! They’re a bit heavier than my others, but that doesn’t bother me all that much. I like to try all different kinds of shoes, so it should mean something when I say I plan on getting a second pair of these. Very durable and I’ve used these for training runs anywhere from 3-24 miles. And on trails. Plus, this fall I finally gave in and used these for the full 26.2 distance. My feet have never felt better after a Full.

Pearl Izumi Trail M2 – After my first 50k adventure in the Xodus, I knew I needed a shoe that drained water for my next 50k. Enter Pearl Izumi again. The M2 shoes were comfortable, and drained water extremely well. My first run in these was actually the 50k, and I had no issues with my feet, even with all the stream crossings. They’re caked in mud now (and have remained so after a few more trail runs) but these are excellent shoes.