Gear me

I do like my gear. Here are some of the gadgets or clothes I’ll take out with me on my run (pictures coming soon…I hope).

AfterShokz – You guys. These might be the best things I’ve purchased. Bluetooth, open ear headphones. Why did I wait so long? These allow you to hear everything around you, and your music as well since its bone conducted. If you run with headphones, do yourself a favor and order these.

SPI Belt – Another great purchase. I can use this for my phone for regular runs, or gels during a marathon. It bounces a little with the gels (I’m working on that) but overall fits snug and keeps the contents dry.

Thorlo Experia Socks – As we all know, socks are important for all runners. Once I bought a paid of Throlo socks and never looked back. These are comfortable, light socks with a very thin material, except for the forefoot and heel. This gives me cushioning only where I need it. I’ll never go back to anything else.

Garmin Forerunner 235 – I retired the TomTom in favor the sparkling new Garmin 235. Boy is this watch nice! Accurate heart rate while I run, plus VO2 Max (not sure how accurate this is) and a GPS that actually uploads onto the Internet the way I see it on my watch. Sometimes the GPS is a little slow, and it lost the map of Twin Cities Marathon, but overall I love it!

Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Hood – When you run in the Midwest, warm clothes are a must. This hood is probably my lightest for the warmth it provides. At the very least, it provides my face good protection from the wind. I did have it freeze onto my face once, though. But that was likely due to running 17 miles in sub zero and windy conditions.